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Why You Might Need a Process Server


  • There are many laws concerning the serving of official documents in North Carolina and South Carolina. If not carried out correctly, the serving of a document could violate the law. If the serve is of legal stature, very serous problems can arise including long delays, complications, and the possibility of your entire case being thrown out. If the serve is not law-related, breaking a law could lead to problems such as harassment or trespassing charges.

Instead of dealing with these problems yourself, hiring a process server who knows the laws and regulations surrounding serves in your state will ensure that the serve is carried out legally and professionally. Hiring a process server is a good way to ensure the best possible outcome of your court case or serve.


Getting the Job Done Quickly


When serving a document, time is of the essence.

In many cases, you cannot even begin courtroom proceedings without a summons or subpoena being issued. In many situations, people who know they are at fault know that they can put off going to court by avoiding getting served. If this is the case, it can be extremely difficult to find them as they could refuse to answer the door, or go as far as to move out of town for a while.

If you decide to hire one of Funderburk Investigative Services' process servers, you can rest assured that no matter how difficult the person may be to find, our professional and well-trained staff will serve them as quickly as possible given the facts and information we receive.

What’s more, Mr. Funderburk offers the professional, responsible, friendly and understanding service that you need with important serves. Our unmatched loyalty, and 100% confidentiality, will put you at ease knowing that your serve is in the best hands possible.


Official documentaion that a person was served

Another reason that hiring a process server is beneficial is because they will provide you with official documentation that proves that the person was served. This “Proof of Service” can be submitted into a court of law as official documentation that the person was served.

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